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Expo Khor Fakkan has been established with a clear vision of capturing a major share of the fast-growing exhibitions and events market in the region. 

The venue offers 1,400 square meters**, with facilities for meetings, conferences and other corporate events, complete with an idyllic ambience not available in big cities. **The number of stands 77 (77 × 9 square metres = 693 square metres)

It enjoys the twin advantages of a strategic location along the east coast and the status of an emerging commercial hub due to Khor Fakkan’s natural deep water port, which is now a major container terminal. 

Surrounded by mountains and beaches, Khor Fakkan is also an ideal spot for mixing business with pleasure. 
Expo Khor Fakkan is well equipped with all modern facilities required by both trade and consumer shows as well as meetings and conventions, and is poised to become a pioneer in the field of exhibitions and meetings. 

Expo Khor Fakkan will work under the aegis of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and in association with Expo Centre Sharjah, which is the first established trade fair centre in the country and is a leader in the market. 
It will draw on the experience and expertise of Expo Centre Sharjah in promoting local trade as well as attracting more investments and businesses along the east coast. 



Want to be a part of the exhibition and benift more!

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Want to be a part of the exhibition and benift more!

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Want to be a part of the exhibition and benift more!

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Want to be a part of the exhibition and benift more!

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Want to be a part of the exhibition and benift more!

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Want to be a part of the exhibition and benift more!

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Want to be a part of the exhibition and benift more!

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Want to be a part of the exhibition and benift more!

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Our in-house services

Expo Khor Fakkan’s in-house services, combined with our official suppliers, will help you organize an event of any nature in a smooth and hassle-free way. We assign a designated event co-coordinator for each and every event.

Expo is possibly the only state-of-the-art trade exhibition facility in the region that offers exhibitors all their requirements on site.


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About Khor Fakkan

Khor Fakkan (or Khawr Fakkan) (Arabic: خورفكان ‎) is a town located along the east coast of the United Arab Emirates. The town is set on the picturesque bay of Khor Fakkan, which means "Creek of Two Jaws". Khor Fakkan belongs to the emirate of Sharjah but is geographically surrounded by the emirate of Fujairah. It is a natural deep water port that is now a major container terminal.

Travel information tips for your travel

The Dirham is the local currency and is composed of 100 fils. One US $=3.65 Dirhams.

Arabic (official) and English (commercial). Other regional languages are also widely spoken because of the presence of a large expatriate population. Downtown shopkeepers are lately beginning to speak a little Russian due to the high influx of tourists from the CIS.

Postal Services 
Efficient postal and courier services are available in Khor Fakkan. There is no home delivery of mails. Post office boxes are widely used instead. Services of international courier companies such as DHL, FEDEX, and UPS are common.

Taxis are the major transport means and they are readily available day and night. A cruising taxi can be hailed or one can be called on telephone.

Hotels & Flight

Tourism - Khor Fakkan is a popular tourism spot, surrounded by huge mountains and attractive beaches. It also features coral outcrops suitable for diving and snorkeling. Khor Fakkan has one 4-star holiday beach resort.


Accommodation facilities are aplenty with several hotels and hotel apartments in Khor Fakkan located within easy reach of Expo Khor Fakkan. The link below will take you to a list of some of the hotels and furnished apartments offering suitable accommodation. Fujairah International Airport – situated within close proximity – provides excellent connectivity to Expo Khor Fakkan


Dining, Sports & Recreation
Hotels, restaurants and coffee shops provide tourists and visitors a delightful choice of Arabic and International cuisine. A number of health and fitness clubs are available in Khor Fakkan.


While Dubai International Airport is just 60 minutes by road, Sharjah International Airport is 50 minutes away. More than 130 airlines fly to Dubai International Airport. The number of airlines having services from Sharjah International Airport is more than 40. And between them, these airports connect to most of the cities across the world.


Sharjah International Airport 

Dubai International Airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Visa Information

The procedures / rules given below are for information only and are subject to change without prior notice, most travellers need to obtain a visa prior to entering the country. Hotels, for a nominal fee, normally process visas for UAE visitors.

However, passport holders from the following countries can get an entry permit stamped on their passport on arrival. GCC visa holders (certain designations only).

- France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Malta, Spain, Monaco, Vatican City, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia Regulations.

- Passports must have minimum six months’ validity at the time of applying for an Entry Permit.

- Photographs need to be recent and in colour. (Polaroid photographs are not accepted).

- Those who are already in the UAE cannot get another Entry Permit until he/she departs from the UAE.

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